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An update from Ronit, April 2024 who learnt to cycle with me in April 2023 (5-star Google review below) "Thank you so much for teaching me to cycle. I just completed my first sportive (the suffolk classic - 94km). I couldn't imagine cycling this far a year ago when I had my first lesson with you and I am so grateful to you for opening the world of cycling to me!" His next challengeis Ride London-Essex 100!


Andrey's son, Ealing, April 2024, 5-stars Google review: "Our experience with Fiona's cycling lessons have been nothing short of fantastic for my 6-year-old son. After just two sessions with Fiona, he was cruising around on his bike all by himself, beaming with pride! Fiona has an amazing way with kids. She's patient, encouraging, and knows exactly how to make learning fun. My son absolutely adores her, and I can see why. She breaks down the steps in such a clear and engaging manner that he was picking up cycling skills in no time.If you're looking for a cycling instructor who can make learning a breeze and put a big smile on your child's face, Fiona is the one. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. Thanks to her, my son has gained not only the ability to ride a bike but also a newfound confidence that's truly priceless."


Sam's daughter, Beckenham, April 2024, 5-stars Google review:  "I am so grateful to Fiona - she did an absolutely brilliant job of gently teaching my 7 year old to ride a bike. My daughter started out really nervous and not at all keen to even try, and over only 3 lessons Fiona got her riding confidently and happily without any help. She worked hard to get to know her as an individual and build her trust. I couldn’t recommend her more highly and am so glad I found her!"


Meera's son, Worcester Park, February 2024, 5-stars Google review: "Our 6 year old son was really struggling with his confidence and technique on his bike. After only 4 lessons with Fiona, he was cycling independently, and most importantly, he was very happy being on his bike! Fiona has an excellent yet flexible approach; I was particularly impressed with her style in teaching our son. She provides simple and practical tips and not once, does she put pressure. Our son trusted her immediately, which helped enormously. I would highly recommend Fiona if you need help with cycling. From a very proud mummy - thank you!"


Nicole, Streatham, September 2023, 5-stars Google review: "Fiona is an incredible instructor, thorough and patient. She suggested a quiet location which was perfect for learning from zero, which was my case, and gave me the confidence to start balancing on the bike on my own after one session, and cycling with a decent level of proficiency after two sessions. As a mature learner, jumping on a bike for the first time could have felt daunting, but Fiona made me feel at ease from the get go. I’d thoroughly recommend her services to anyone!"


Jan's kids, Walthamstow, September 2023, 5-stars Google review: "Fiona was a wonderful teacher of our two children age 5 and 7. She was full of helpful tips and insights and made the whole experience fun and rewarding."


Lucy's daughter, Barnes, August 2023, 5-stars Google review: "Fiona did a brilliant job of teaching my 6-year-old daughter to ride her bike. She was really thorough and professional, and after just three lessons my daughter is cycling confidently. Highly recommended!"


Priya's son, Surbiton, August 2023, 5-stars Google review: "Fiona is a superb cycle instructor and worked wonders with our 5 year old. Fiona had a methodical and professional approach to teaching our son how to cycle, laying solid foundations of cycle safety and awareness before moving onto the actual act of bike riding itself. She sussed out our son's ability to balance and levels of confidence and then tailored her sessions to meet his needs. We booked 3 sessions and he was pedalling on his own by the beginning of the 2nd session. This was a superb result, but meant that we still had two sessions with Fiona during which time she was able to impart further advice and tips, instil confidence and work on specific skills with our son, which set him up wonderfully. Fiona does a host of further cycle safety and awareness courses which I shall certainly be booking when the time is right for our family. Overall Fiona's patience, kindness and extensive knowledge led to our son (and us) really enjoying the sessions and the results speak for themselves. I couldn't recommend Fiona highly enough and shall be shouting about our experience from the rooftops!"


Tom's son, Surbiton, August 2023, 5-stars Google review: "My 5-year old son had three 45 minute lessons with Fiona, and by the middle of the second one he was cycling! My son really enjoyed the lessons, and Fiona was great at engaging and challenging my son. 100% recommended!"


Henry, Teddington, July 2023, 5-stars Google review: "If Fiona can teach me to ride a bike, she can teach anyone. I've never been able to crack it despite multiple attempts in both childhood and adulthood, but Fiona's patient, encouraging approach had me cycling unaided within three hours. She's also great fun to be around, and i'll definitely be coming back to increase my confidence. Thank you!"


Rachel, Norbury, June 2023: "Fiona is a brilliant cycling teacher and I would highly recommend learning with her. I was nervous about learning to cycle as an adult, but Fiona was incredibly patient and helped me build up my confidence and technique"


Shagana, Wembley, June 2023: "I’m finally able to cycle! (A feat which I almost gave up on being in my late twenties.) Fiona was always so patient with me and flexible with booking sessions given my shift patterns. I intend to take further lessons for when I cycle on roads. Fiona is truly the loveliest lady and it’s been so fun learning this skill with her guidance!"


Dina, Acton, June 2023, 5-stars Google review: "Fiona is such a wonderful person and professional instructor too. She did teach my 7 years old daughter how ride a bike and also about safety and the main points to check on her bike before she ride it only in 4 lessons l. Thanks Fiona for your wonderful work."


Sapna, Sunbury-on-Thames, April 2023, 5-stars Google review: "I was given this as a birthday present and I have to say it was the best present that I have ever received! Fiona was excellent! So kind, patient, fun and just brilliant at what she does. I never imagined as an adult who has never been able to ride a bike, that I would be able to do this in 2 days! Highly recommended. Thank you!"


Ronit, Ealing, April 2023, 5-stars google review: "Fiona is a wonderful bicycling teacher. She is super observant, kind and encouraging, and she was fantastic at coaching me to improve my control and technique as an adult beginner. She has given me the confidence to make bicycling a part of my life. Thank you Fiona!"


Hannah, Dorking, March 2023, 5-stars Google review "I would like to say a massive thank you to Fiona! As an adult who has never ridden a bike, I was pretty convinced that learning would be an impossible task. How wrong I was! Fiona was the best teacher I could have asked for; positive, patient, full of great advice. If you are a grown up (or a kid!) wanting to learn how to cycle, I absolutely couldn't recommend Fiona enough! Thanks again?"


Sarah, Nottingham, February 2023, 5-stars Google review: "Absolutely brilliant lesson. Fiona was so knowledgeable and patient. Not having cycled for many years, I was apprehensive but working with Fiona has built up my confidence and I’m planning on cycling again very soon. Thanks again Fiona"


Emma's daughter (age 5), Kingston, February 2023, 5-stars Google review: "We had a great experience with CycleWithMe. Our 5 year old was up and cycling quickly and Fiona was brilliant with her. I would highly recommend using Fiona."


Alex's daughter (age 7), Chiswick, February 2023 "Fiona is a fantastic teacher, she inspired confidence from the start, she was amazing at communicating effectively in such encouraging way, got our 7 year old with little experience cycling on her own in no time (she even worked round the January weather!), our daughter is looking forward to going back to Fiona for cycling proficiency and further courses as she moves on to the road. We now have a confident and safety conscious cyclist, we couldn’t recommend her enough! Alex"


Lara's daughter (age 11), Kew, February 2023 "Fiona is so talented at what she does and had my daughter riding in 3 short lessons. Highly recommended!"


Hayath, Brentford, January 2023 "I would rate the cycling experience on my first session with Fiona as a 5 STAR, calm, clear, patient and encouraging instructor. For any adult out there who feels nervous taking a step towards cycling, I recommend Fiona. Thank you for making me belief in my ability."


Mike's 3 sons, Wimbledon, October 2022 "Fiona is an absolute star - look no further for getting your kids on a bike! From my first communication with her, Fiona could not have been more helpful. I had 3 boys, 6, 8 and 9, never been on a bike and I presented her with the challenge. Totally unfazed, she went out of her way to give me 3 back to back slots x3, over two weekends. She also delayed some personal plans to fit us in! Each kid is very different and she tailored her approach beautifully to get them going. The 8 year old was there after 1.5 sessions! I would never have been able to get there in months myself and I am so grateful and moreover, my boys are so delighted. The manner in which Fiona gets the important elements of safety across whilst ensuring the experience is fun was to behold. If only some teachers could approach learning in the same way! I am so happy that I did not opt for one of the 'courses' offered in groups. I cannot recommend Fiona enough."


Maha, Sunbury-on-Thames, August 2022 "Fiona is a fabulous instructor. I'm an adult woman who has never ridden a bicycle before but not only did she get me up and running in a few sessions, I thoroughly enjoyed each session with her.  Her teaching was thorough, she was totally patient, I never felt out of control, and while she told me all sorts of useful things, there was also lot of chat and laughter as well while I figured out what I was doing. I really didn't think the lessons would be as enjoyable as they were. I cannot recommend her enough and in fact am hoping to go back for advanced cycling courses with her soon!"


Kadeem, South Norwood, July 2022 "Fiona is a wonderful teacher; communicative, patient, very encouraging, full of energy, clearly loves to cycle and has some great anecdotes. I started out unsure I could do it, but by the end of the session I was confident and itching to ride more. 8/8, would recommend to everyone."


Einas's son (age 7), Wandsworth, July 2022 "Fiona I still can't believe how you taught Adam to ride a bike in three days, after he was so afraid of it. I don't know how to thank you for this, he is riding his bike now and he is comfortable and proud in front of his friends, he wants to race everyone. he just repeats your words to everyone how to maintain and develop his muscles and the benefits of riding a bike and how to check the bike and how to use it. You deserve ten stars not just five for your wonderful way of teaching." 5-stars on Google Reviews


Raj's son (age 7), Didcot, July 2022 "Possibility is a huge phenomenon and it can be achieved with little thought process and application. Four weeks ago, my 7 year old son was hesitant to get on the bike and now it has completely changed .
Cycling is one among the skills you never forget and carry on from cradle to grave once you learn it . Acquiring this skill is one of the key challenges for my son and huge thanks to Fiona who does this with so much ease and flair. She is an absolutely gem of a trainer, very friendly, compassionate and I would recommend every parent who is looking for bike training. It’s a shame that stars ⭐️ are limited to just 5 and I would go to extreme to recommend her."
5-stars on Google


Amy's son (age 7), Richmond, July 2022 "We had tried and tried to get our son on a bike but he just wasn’t interested in learning from us. Enter Fiona! Fiona had the perfect mix of authority and understanding and was able to get him cycling on his own and doing laps and turns by the second session. He is now a very competent cyclist and loves nothing more than being out on his bike. Thank you Fiona!". 5-stars on Google


Evelyn, Teddington, July 2022: "Thank you very much for teaching me how to cycle! It’s the best skill I ever learnt in later life. The good news is that I continued learning and practicing and now I’ve got a few routes under my belt: Teddington lock to Ham, Kingston, Richmond, Bushy Park and Hampton Hill. I wouldn’t have got there without you giving me the foundation. I’m hoping that with time, I can expand my routes by going to to their areas."


Two little ones learning to cycle: Charlie's twin daugters (age 6), Twickenham, June 2022 "Fiona taught both my daughters how to cycle in a very short amount of time. She’s been absolutely professional and amazing throughout their entire learning experience. I can recommend her services with full confidence. Thanks Fiona!" 5-stars on Google


Kathy's son (age 9), Kew, November 2021 "My 9 year old son has dyspraxia so lacked the confidence to start cycling. After four sessions not only was he cycling independently but also genuinely enjoying it. Fiona, your patience, technique and encouragement has been invaluable. I can’t thank you enough!"


Sally's son (age 5), Chiswick, October 2021 "A huge thank you for teaching Leo to ride his bike. You were absolutely fantastic with him and so patient and most of all you made the whole thing enjoyable for him."


Sanober's daughter (age 7), Witton, August 2021 "My 7 year old was very anxious and lacked confidence in learning how to ride her bike. However, by the end of 3 lots of 45 minute sessions with Fiona, she was doing laps of the park with Fiona and I simply standing on the sidelines cheering her on. Fiona clearly has an ability to make children feel at ease with her friendly, positive approach as she takes them through each step of the process. My daughter went from a “what if I can’t do this?” approach to “I want to ride again and again!” within 3 days and the transformation was a joy to see. This was all down to Fiona! Thank you so much :-)"


Nick, Isleworth, September 2021 "I had no experience whatsoever riding a bike and within 3 hours  of lessons, I felt confident and was able to ride with control. Fiona put me at ease from the start and always kept me safe - simple but effective techniques allowed me to learn very quickly. 100% would recommend to beginners whatever age and I still may come back for the advanced road course at a later date!5-stars on Google


Sue, Molesey, June 2020: Sue could cycle but she needed to boost her confidence with the bike

"I just want to say thank you again for a great cycling lesson yesterday. It has really inspired me to practise everyday and improve! I found you to be such a good teacher - measured, logical, expert and most of all - good at giving constructive feedback!"


Nicola's son (age 9), Bracknell, November 2019  "With thanks to Fiona, William is now a happy, confident and enthusiastic cycler and every weekend now includes at least one bike based outing.  Despite multiple previous attempts using traditional "parental" methods and encouragement,  William had struggled to learn to ride and had become reluctant to try.   Fiona's no nonsense but calm and patient approach built William's confidence and skill from the first session.   He could not wait for lessons two and was so proud to be cycling independently for his final session."


Deniah, Hanwell, September 2019  "I finally bought a bicycle 9 months ago after wanting to learn to ride for ages. It has mostly been sitting in the garage gathering dust and it is only since having cycling lessons with Fiona that I am able to cycle without fear or hesitation. I'm actually really enjoying the ride and looking forward to a few more lessons to gain confidence and learn the skills. Fiona is professional, friendly and an excellent teacher. I have no hesitation in recommending her for cycling lessons."


Megan's son (age 6), Kew, March 2019 "Fiona was amazing at helping our son learn to ride. After the first lesson, he was riding on his own & after two lessons he was confidently riding. A week after his second lesson, and we are going on 5 mile rides! Thank you, Fiona!!!"


Folusho, Business Client, August 2017 "At 26 I definitely thought it was too late for me to learn how to ride a bike. But training with Fiona has changed all that – I’m pleased to say that I can now ride unaided and that’s all down to Fiona’s patience and great training skills. I would definitely recommend Fiona to adult learners and I’m looking forward to developing my cycling skills." The company where Folusho works paid for her to learn how to ride a bike.


Helen's kids (age 5 & 4), Chiswick, July 2019 “Fiona helped our two little children in learning to ride their bikes and she was absolutely fantastic. Not only was she incredibly patient but she made the lessons a lot of fun for them both, and they really enjoyed them. They now have the confidence and ability to ride by themselves and we can’t recommend Fiona highly enough.”


Tom's sons (age 9, 11 & 15), Kingston, July 2019  "There are so many tricky little things for a new cyclist to get their heads round. Fiona was so careful and patient with our boys and the results were spectacular!" from son age 11 "Thank you for teaching me so kindly and in such an efficient way therefore leading me to be able to ride a bike." 


Agata's daughter (age 8), Hanwell, July 2019 "Huge thank you to whoever recommended Fiona from CycleWithMe for cycling lessons. We have just finished our 4th session and here is my girl, who burst in tears when she got her bike - she was so afraid to try. Now she is zooming with confidence growing every minute. Thank you Fiona!"


Ellie's kids (age 7 & 4), Guildford, July 2019 "G (aged 7) asked me to email you to tell you how great her cycling has got and that today she cycled 5km. The lesson with you was so helpful. Her pedals course went well and she was so much more confident because of the lesson. It's a pleasure to see her cycling well. Thanks for your help."


Krisitin's daughter (age 6), Kew, April 2019 "My 6 year old daughter has been learning to ride her bike over the holidays with Fiona Tisch at CycleWithMe. Fiona is based in Kew and teaches locally at North Sheen Rec. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed Fiona’s classes and Fiona really boosted her confidence and had her cycling independently by her third lesson. For those who think that private lessons would suit their child better than group classes then I would very much recommend Fiona and CycleWithMe."


Megan's son (age 6), Kew, March 2019

"Fiona was amazing at helping our son learn to ride. After the first lesson, he was riding on his own & after two lessons he was confidently riding. A week after his second lesson, and we are going on 5 mile rides! Thank you, Fiona!!!"


Nicole's daughter (age 5), Kew, October 2018 "Fiona, thank you so much for teaching my daughter how to cycle. What I didn’t manage within a year, Fiona did it within an hour. At the end of the course my daughter was cycling in a figure of eight. My daughter was so proud and had a huge smile on her face during her lessons with Fiona. Fiona managed to bring all the ins and out across with ease. She made it lots of fun and has such passion for cycling which is catching. I can’t recommend her highly enough."


Cali's son (age 6), Chiswick, October 2018 "I booked a set of three lessons with Fiona for my 6 year old. She had him cycling without help during the first lesson! She really built his confidence and taught in a way that made him keen to listen and really take the information on board. She had the perfect balance of patience and empathy but was firm when she needed to be. He learnt about safety as well as technique. Most importantly though, she made it FUN. It was just the best thing to see the huge smile on his face when he realised he could do it! He's already asking when we can go out on the road..."


Lehvashnee, Richmond, Oct 2018 "Thank you so much Fiona for giving me the confidence to get back on my bike. Couldn’t believe how quickly you got me back riding without wobbling and even got me doing figure of eights!! Amazing!!"


George's daughter (age 8), Mortlake, September 2018 "Fiona’s a cycling ‘whisperer’ when it comes to forging relationships between a child and their bike. Tapping into both my daughter’s enthusiasm and confidence that would otherwise have remain hidden under tuition from her father! Fiona’s worth every penny."


Kathy's daughter (age 5), Bedford Park, Sept 2018 "A "HUGE THANK YOU" to the amazing Fiona for her magic skills in taking our daughter from 0-10 in cycling. We had tried to teach our daughter with zero success, but after just three lessons our daughter is now able to ride her bike with no assistance. I have recommended Fiona to friends who's kids want to learn to ride their bikes too. So glad we found Fiona, what an excellent service!!!"


Ismet's son, Putney, October 2017 "Fiona taught our 5 year old son to cycle with confidence over a handful of lessons. Fiona’s approach was fantastic throughout - she is able to connect with children easily and explain the importance of safety whilst keeping lessons engaging and fun. Our son felt safe from the first time he got on his bike with Fiona’s help and was manoeuvring around cones with confidence (and a huge smile on his face) before long. We could not be happier with Fiona’s instruction and will certainly be in touch again when our son is ready to start cycling on the road."


Valeria (age 58), Kew, November 2016 "...just to say thank you for helping me get on my bike!   I am thrilled with my progress, I showed off my skills when I got home!   I feel incredibly pleased to be able to have achieved what I have in just 3 lessons and I am definitely going to build on it.  Thank you so much for your patience and for being so reassuring, giving me the confidence that I needed.”


Saranda's son (age 10), Sheen, November 2016 "Thank you for teaching my son how to bike so quickly. He is so happy to be biking. You were great. We really appreciate it !”


Tim & Kate's twin daughters, Barnes, September 2016 "Fiona and CycleWithMe is quite simply the Bicycle Whisperer!  Having tried and tried to get our daughters up on two wheels, Fiona had success within minutes of the first lesson."


Charlotte's daughter (age 7), Richmond, November 2015 "I wanted to say a big 'thank you' for giving 'E' the confidence in her abilities and the joy of riding a bike."


E(7), Richmond, July 2015 "I had 3 cycling lessons with Fiona. I really enjoyed them and learnt lots of things. At first I was a bit nervous but now I am much more confident on the bike. Sometimes I felt like I was falling off but kindly Fiona caught me. Now I can keep my balance easily."


William's mum Sophie, Twickenham, July 2015 "We believed that our 10 year old son who has hypermobility would never be able to ride a bicycle, despite him desperately wanting to do so. I contacted Fiona and after four lessons he is cycling! It wasn’t easy for him or for Fiona, but together they have achieved something which we thought was impossible. We are so grateful."


Beth's son, Kew, June 2015 "Thank you so much for teaching Ben to ride his bike. He thoroughly enjoyed his lessons and we were so pleased with the progress he made in such a short time. He's been cycling a few times a week ever since and is improving all the time. It's his birthday in a few weeks and he's asked for a new bike! We're now looking forward to family bike rides in teh park. Many thanks and best wishes."


Linda's son, Sheen, February 2015 "Our son Jack really enjoyed his lessons with Fiona. I watched Fiona teach Jack and was so pleased with her way of interacting in a fun way whilst giving very clear instructions to him. He went from wobbly cycling to weaving in and out of cones in just two sessions. The smile on Jack's face when he realised he was cycling on his own was just magical. Their celebratory "high five" and jumping for joy was wonderful. I would highly recommend CycleWithMe to family and friends."


Catherine, Wimbledon, September 2014 "Fiona gave both my sons the confidence to ride without stabilisers in a short space of time. She’s great with children and we are very pleased that we were able to get over this hurdle with such ease."


Victoria's son, Sheen, April 2014 "Thanks so much for your great calm and friendly training and infinite patience! It’s lovely to see the increase in his confidence and he’s thrilled to be able to tell his friends that his stabilisers are off!"


Diane's daughters, Barnes, March 2014 "I wanted to drop you a note very quickly to say thank you so much for what you did today. You may not realise how much Olivia's confidence has been boosted by the realisation that actually, she might be able to ride a bike. As a child for whom no physical activity has come easily succeeding at this is a big deal. She has been walking on air. I'm thrilled to bits with the cycling. I can't recommend you highly enough! In fact someone I know has booked a lesson next week in Chiswick."


Ralph, St Margarets, November 2013 "Fiona was excellent at taking me from a complete beginner, through the basics of good technique, all the way to being proficient and safe on the roads. Having never ridden before, she took me step-by-step to achieve an ambition I've held for many years. Fiona's effective style of communication, theory and practical advice and tips has built my confidence and understanding of cycling in all daily conditions. I'd thoroughly recommend CycleWithMe to help anyone looking to improve on their current level of cycling proficiency."


Louise's daughter, Southfields, October 2013 "We are very grateful to you for your success in teaching our daughter to cycle in 20 minutes (she told us!). We have been trying for 18 months and she was so fearful, nervous and concerned about falling off she just couldn't conquer it. We have been out every day this week and she is as keen as mustard so we have high hopes that before too long we will all be riding round Richmond Park together."


Pauline, Kew, September 2012 "I really enjoy my lessons with you. Your relaxed style and professionalism has really given me great confidence really quickly" - Pauline wanted to learn to ride a bike and progress to cycling safely on roads. By May 2013, just 8 months after getting on a bike and after miles and miles of training rides, Pauline completed a very hilly 120-miles charity ride in Ibiza. An amazing achievement!  After training through the torrential rain of winter 2013/14, Pauline completed a 1-day 100-mile charity ride on 6th April 2014. We regularly rode together until Pauline moved to China in September 2015.

Road safety and Road Confidence


William (age 12), Wimbledon, October 2023: "Fiona is a very friendly and helpful teacher. She answered all the questions we asked with good detail.  After 2 sessions (3 hours) of cycling I feel more confident on junctions and roundabouts.  Thank you for teaching me Fiona."


Benjamin (age 12), Wimbledon, October 2023: "Hi Fiona. Thank you for teaching me all the skills and necessities to cycle safely on roads and junctions. After these two sessions, I feel significantly safer when cycling and I am very pleased with the amount of knowledge I have gained. Thank you so much for teaching me how to cycle confidently."


Aoife's son (age 11), Barnes, October 2023 "Just to say that we've taken XX out on his bike a few times since he did the training with you and I'm so happy with his knowledge of road safety - he's actually teaching me things now! I definitely feel much more confident taking him out on his bike and we are able to cycle to all his after-school and weekend sports activities now instead of needing to use the car which is just amazing. Thank you so much ?"


Renette, St Margarets, September 2023, 5-start Google review: "Fiona is a great instructor who is good at a job when it comes to teaching road safety. She was super friendly, patient and very knowledgeable and was able to teach me at my pace and level. Thank you for getting me comfortable riding on the road. Would recommend her cycle lessons for anyone who needs to refresh their skills when comes to riding a bicycle."


Shiva, Barnes, March 2023 "When I first contacted Fiona, I had spent years being afraid of getting out on the road with my bike for fear of falling, and felt immensely frustrated through repeated failures. Fiona has been a godsend and is by far the best cycling instructor I could have asked for. Her energy, good humour, and patience encouraged me to persevere. Now I can cycle on the road with confidence, and look forward to using my skills for commuting, adventures and more. If you are an adult that has yet to take the plunge, take the opportunity to learn with Fiona. You won't forget it!"


Christina, Chiswick, February 2023, 5-star google review: "Fiona was the perfect teacher to help me get started with cycling again. Having not been on a bike for at least 10 years, I was a very nervous beginner. However, Fiona was very good at making me feel comfortable and confident. She able to balance letting me go at my own pace whilst knowing when it was time to go give me a little push. I could have not imagined that after just 3 hours of lessons that I would feel comfortable cycling on the road. I will definitely be returning for further lessons!"


Sophie (age 14), Guildford, July 2022: "Fiona was very friendly and helpful. She gave really good advice and made sure me and my brother were safe at all times. I really enjoyed learning about how to cycle safely."


Ollie (age 12), Guildford, July 2022: "I was a bit nervous about cycling on the roads, but Fiona made me feel very safe and was very kind. She did great demonstrations and made it fun and interesting."


Navdeep, Twickenham, July 2022:  "Fiona has helped me to feel confident cycling on roads and she is a very patient and motivating instructor. I really enjoyed the session and liked that she tailored the structure of our session to specific techniques and advice I needed. Thank you so much Fiona! "


Lucy, Raynes Park, May 2022: "I did a 2 hour road cycling refresher course with Fiona. I am a reasonably confident cyclist but aware I haven't studied the rules around road cycling since I was a child. I really enjoyed the course with Fiona and felt I learnt everything I need to cycle confidently on the rides. Fiona is very friendly, patient and explains the information with total clarity. I would thoroughly recommend."


Susan's son and his friend (age 11), Kingston, April 2022: "I asked Fiona to take my son and his friend out for a couple of sessions to introduce them to cycling on roads as we had not been able to access the Bikeability course through school. My son throughly enjoyed the 90 minute sessions and came back confident to ride on busy roads, with a strong knowledge of bike and road safety. I am so pleased we contacted Fiona - as well as being efficient, punctual and friendly she had a lovely way with the children. She was very knowledgable and provided excellent feedback about what the boys had done and what their next steps are. Thank you!"


Leo (age 11), Kingston, April 2022: "I thought the course was great. I learnt lots and feel very confident cycling on the roads. Your instructions were clear and I had fun"


Sally, Ashtead, September 2021: Sally hadn't cycled in more than 20-years so she wanted to regain her confidence on her bike. She then went on to complete the basic road safety course. "Thank you so much for today. You were brilliant and I feel much more confident.  I know I will be able to go out for a cycle ride with my husband now and really enjoy it."


Rosalind's daughters (age 10 &11), Southfields, August 2021 "I am so pleased to have 'found' Fiona. She took my two girls, aged 10 and 11 years, through their paces on 2, 90-minute sessions covering all the basics of cycling on the road. She was easy to deal with from the start, good communication, efficient and reliable.  On the days of the sessions themselves, she arrived on time and was very well prepared having checked out the surrounding roads. The girls very quickly relaxed with her and they came back fresh faced and keen to show off what they had learnt.  Her passion for cycling shines through and she clearly takes great pleasure in teaching.  I would highly recommend her and now feel so much more comfortable about the girls cycling on the road."


Z. (age 12), Barnes, May 2021 "The teaching was good and Fiona explained everything well. It was really good fun.”


Abby's son (age 12), Barnes, May 2021 “This is the second time we have asked Fiona to teach one of our boys about road safety & cycling proficiency. Again we have been very impressed. Fiona is extremely calm and a wonderful teacher and they certainly know more than me about cycling now.  Fiona inspires the children to listen and understand - and hopefully they know how to keep themselves safe on the roads from now on."


Wei and family, Chiswick, October 2020 "We contacted Fiona as I wanted to start to cycle to school with my children which is a new adventure for us.  I had a good fortune to know Fiona as she gave a group cycling course to my son's school a couple of years ago, so I knew who to contact when we need help for the cycling! I booked a 2-hours session for myself and a couple of sessions for my sons. We found the sessions extremely useful.  Fiona has been very thorough and patient to go through all the practical details for road awareness, giving us key techniques and tips, which are crucial to handle different situations. I have not been riding a bicycle on the road for more than 10 years and was feeling nervous about facing the traffic. The session with Fiona has given me a big boost on confidence. I feel much more comfortable to be on the bike to make my journey after the session.  My children have also thoroughly enjoyed their session with Fiona; they have learned lots of valuable things on how to ride safely on the road. Fiona has been very kind to allow my husband to tag with the children for their sessions, so everybody is on the same page about road awareness and safety. She also provided us with useful tips on how to cycle as a group. The sessions with Fiona have been a valuable experience for us as a family, we look forward to starting our school commuting on cycling soon, and maybe come back to book more advanced sessions later. I would highly recommend Fiona for anybody who is considering getting on their bike or needs more guidance for riding safely on the road, or for any other adventures on the bike.  With her professionalism, skills and passion for cycling, Fiona can meet all your cycling needs and make the sessions good fun.  Thank you Fiona for going the extra mile to make our cycling session a wonderful experience!"


Rachel and her daughter (age 16), East Sheen, July 2020 "Fiona separately trained me and my 16 year old daughter in the basics of road safety awareness. We both now feel confident in riding on the roads, even in London traffic, and know we will get much more enjoyment from our cycling as a result. Fiona is calm and friendly and made the two sessions fly by. Fiona’s passion for cycling is infectious and I will return for more training in due course to help me prepare for longer and more difficult rides. Looking forward to it!"


Hannah's sons (age 14 & 12), Kew, July 2020 "Fiona took my 14 and 12 years old sons out on their bikes for levels 1 and 2, National Standards for Cycle Training. They paid attention to her much better than they would ever have listened to a parent teaching them the same things, and they came back from each session enthused and much better informed about how to stay safe on the roads. I - as a result - am more comfortable giving them greater freedom to ride their bikes, which at their age they really want and need. Fiona was good value and I am happy to recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone thinking of using her services."


Lisa's daughter (age 11), East Sheen, July 2020 "My 11 year old daughter completed the level 1 and 2 courses with Fiona at CycleWithMe. Fiona was very professional, but kind and patient with the children. My daughter is so much more confident at cycling on the roads now.  She Is more aware of her surroundings, and the dangers posed by other road users.  Instead of hesitating or using the pavement, she knows what to do, and has the confidence to be more assertive. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course, and Fiona, to other children, especially those considering cycling to school independently . Thank you Fiona, the difference in her cycling was immediately noticeable, and I feel much happier letting her cycle to school on her own now"


Thomas (age 10), East Sheen, July 2020 "I really enjoyed this experience, I thought that there was a great balance between fun and concentration on the roads. Fiona was a very enthusiastic teacher so it was easier to concentrate and suck up the information needed because, it daunts you at first but actually it was not as hard as you expect. One thing that stood out most for me was the good steady steps; we didn’t just jump to crossroads and roundabouts, we started with just being able to start and stop safely then progressed.  Don't let the amount of information make you feel anxious because Fiona will break it down for you. Altogether I loved it and when I came home I was buzzing with eagerness to get on the road and put these skills (that I will need all my life) into practice. It was fantastic and awesome. I rate the CycleWithMe course ***** "


Clare's daughter & 3 friends (age 10/11), Balham, July 2020 "Thanks so much again for your work with the girls this weekend. The first thing Lois asked when we got home was to go straight back out on her bike (so her dad took her out on a couple of very quiet streets again!). She obviously gained a lot from it."


Jennie's son (age 15), Putney, June 2020 "Fiona is the Mary Poppins of the cycling world. My teenage son had no experience of road cycling whatsoever and was keen to start. He somewhat reluctantly agreed to have a few lessons and I am so pleased he did. I think he realised afterwards how important it was, and he now has a really good grasp of road safety. I would recommend Fiona to everyone. Happy son, calmer mum!"


Kirsten, Richmond, January 2018 "I contacted Fiona to help me understand how to use my bike efficiently and to ensure I understand the cycling rules of the road, when out in traffic. I describe myself as an amateur cyclist and Fiona has helped me feel safer on the roads and understand how to cycle up challenging hills without having to get off and walk. I have no hesitation in recommended Fiona, as she is an enthusiastic and motivating coach."


Jennifer, Tooting, January 2018 “At 64 I thought my cycling days were over but then I was given a bike and had the good fortune to find Fiona. After several sessions with her I now have sufficient safety and road craft skills and confidence to set off regularly by myself and even to sign up for some group rides. Her friendly manner, professionalism, enthusiasm and ability to motivate plus meticulously planned and researched routes make every outing a most enjoyable adventure. She has opened up a whole new chapter for me and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”


Nicky, Barnes, February 2016 "Fiona is an excellent instructor, she has helped me understand road safety, the capabilities of my bike and simple manoeuvres that have enhanced my enjoyment of riding. She is thorough with her teaching and lots of fun. I highly recommend her."


Martin's son, Kew, November 2015 "CycleWithMe has filled  very important and neglected market niche and provides a very good training experience. Fiona worked with our 19 year old son over a number of sessions targeted at improving his road craft and cycling technique as well as eliminating some bad habits. His cycling has improved materially as a result, as has his attitude to safety. Fiona is a very reliable and efficient teacher as well as showing a lot of patience and tolerance. She also provided very comprehensive route maps and associated safety tips for his commute to college. We would strongly recommend CycleWithMe to anyone who is keen to ensure that their teenager rides safely on the London Roads."


Karen, East Sheen, September 2015 "I completed the level 2 course with Fiona this week. She is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. I gained so much confidence working with her. Thank you, Fiona!!"


Coralie, Kew, July 2015 "I booked a 2 hour session with Fiona to improve my technique and boost my confidence, for cycling by myself and also with my children. I found the session extremely useful – Fiona gave me key techniques and tips which will be useful in any situation. She explained and demonstrated everything very clearly. I now feel much more confident, and will take her tips and try to teach them to my children when we are cycling together. I would definitely recommend Fiona."


Iona’s son, Chelsea, February 2015 “Fiona taught my son the key techniques and skills he needs to cycle safely on the roads, and she did so in an enthusiastic, understanding and highly instructive manner.  I would strongly recommend Fiona’s training to anyone considering allowing their children to cycle solo on the road” . Iona wanted her 14 year old son to learn how to cycle safely on the road, before taking his bicycle to boarding school.


Lucy, Business Client, December 2014 "I thought it was excellent. Fiona is a very accomplished trainer and gave me some great advice that I will take with me [to] when I cycle to work." The place where Lucy works organised cycle training for it's employees who want to cycle to work. Lucy completed a basic road safety course based on Level 2 of the National Standards for Cycle Training.


Silvia (Gideon's mum), Sheen, September 2014 "I fully agree with his words – I think that you are an excellent teacher and after our 2 sessions I feel confident to cycle in our quiet roads nearby and into the park. I feel much calmer about the prospect of Gideon cycling in Cambridge and happy that he now feels confident to do so."


Gideon (uni-student), Sheen, September 2014 "At the start of my first session, I was afraid of cycling on very quiet roads. But now, after four sessions, I am confident in cycling on busy high streets and multi-lane roads. Cycling has become a viable form of transport for me! It’s been a liberating experience, and I’m amazed at how easy it is to get around by bike.
I took the lessons because I wanted to be able to cycle in Cambridge. I certainly can now, and what’s more, I think I will be one of the best-prepared cyclists in town!
Fiona is so competent, clear with instructions and fun to cycle with; I really enjoyed the sessions. I felt very safe cycling on the roads with Fiona. And each outing was so effective – at the end of each one, I was miles more confident!"


Cherry, Kingston, July 2014 "Approaching my 40th birthday, I realised that I really needed to stop being scared at the prospect of a gentle family bike ride and that I required help to be able to just get on my bike and enjoy it. Having not ridden for a majority of my adult life and being married to an avid cyclist, I talked myself into thinking I just couldn’t do it anymore.
Fiona at CycleWithMe has helped enormously in just 2 sessions and I’m going to book more. I have been given the reassurance that I really can do it and all I need is practice to believe it myself. She went back to basics, which is absolutely what I needed and built up only when I felt ready to do so, repeating the fundamental safety and practical tips at all times. To have her behind me made me feel safe and at ease, even in situations I would have avoided just a week ago
I’m very nearly ready to put my toddler in her seat and use my bike to take her out, instead of leaving it behind, gathering dust in the shed."


Tom (14), Kew, May 2014 "Couldn't have been more helpful. Although we only had 2 days, she [Fiona] managed to get through a lot more than I thought I'd ever learn or need to know. It was extremely helpful and very easy to understand, would recommend to any cyclist!"


Ben (13), Chiswick, April 2014 "I really enjoyed doing the cycle training with Fiona. She is a brilliant teacher and we covered a lot of important things, like the positioning to enter and exit a junction and a mini-roundabout as well as the life-saver check. Fiona explained why a particular position was necessary and that really made me think about my interaction with other road users, so I can anticipate, but not take for granted, what they might do. I learned so much in three days, it was very interesting and the time whizzed by. From being quite reluctant to ride on the road, I am now very keen!"


Dina, Chiswick, April 2014 "During the Easter break, my 13 year-old son and I did cycle training with Fiona, to prepare him for riding to school, which we will initially do together. Fiona’s clear and engaging communication skills and her thoughtful approach to teaching were a pleasant surprise and the course was extremely well prepared. Not only did Ben’s confidence and competence rise during the three days training, we both feel much safer on London roads."


Christopher (14) and Conor (12), Sheen, April 2014 "Fiona provided an excellent course for us and the skills that she taught us have been essential to our safety. She was a great teacher and we greatly really enjoyed cycling with her."


Alexandra's son, Chiswick, April 2014 "Thanks for the fantastic training. As a result of your clear and practical instruction, Daniel is a lot more aware of cycling issues now and significantly safer on the roads, I’m sure. Your cycle training sessions have provided invaluable road survival skills! Thank you."


Ralph, St Margarets, November 2013 "Fiona was excellent at taking me from a complete beginner, through the basics of good technique, all the way to being proficient and safe on the roads. Having never ridden before, she took me step-by-step to achieve an ambition I've held for many years. Fiona's effective style of communication, theory and practical advice and tips has built my confidence and understanding of cycling in all daily conditions. I'd thoroughly recommend CycleWithMe to help anyone looking to improve on their current level of cycling proficiency."


Roxanna's daughter, Barnes, November 2013 "My daughter thoroughly enjoyed learning cycling safety with Fiona, who increased her confidence immensely."


Catherine's daughters, Barnes, October 2013 "Cycling in London is a fantastic way to get around but you need to be confident in your skills and knowledge of the rules of the road. CycleWithMe provided thorough and practical training for my daughters (age 10 and 12) and gave them a very good grounding in the skills needed to cycle safely. We will all feel more confident as they accompany me on longer cycles, and begin to make journeys on their own."


Lottie's son, Richmond, October 2013 "Fiona was tasked by us to educate and train our son to ride the London streets with the awareness necessary to keep him safe on his school commute. She tackled this job with extreme precision and in a way that thoroughly engaged our son. He is now highly aware of the road, the potential pitfalls and how to deal with much that London cycling may throw at him. She is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to feel more confident in allowing their children [to] cycle unaccompanied on any London street."


JH (13), Richmond, October 2013 "I was sent to Fiona to do a three part course which culminated in a cycle to my school. She took us through the basics of road cycling in gradual stages and then through the route to school in a very controlled manner. I found the lessons very useful because of the independence that her teaching style inspired."


Clare, Sheen, June 2013 "Thank you Fiona!  Having not been on a bike since my early 20’s I booked a course of 5 lessons through CycleWithMe. Fiona is so friendly, patient and calm that she really inspires confidence. She has bags of energy and has taken me from someone who dreaded getting on a bike, to someone who now enjoys it and has even cycled to work and back. I really can’t say thank you enough."


Sue's son, Chiswick, December 2012 “My son thoroughly enjoyed his cycle training with Fiona; he quickly gained confidence and skills vital for his safety on the roads. Fiona’s enthusiasm, energy and attention to detail made the training fun as well as instructive. Her personalised feedback gave useful pointers for continuing to improve.” - Sue wanted her son to learn safe cycling practices.


Annabel, Sheen, September 2012 "Thanks very much for the lesson, it was exactly what I was hoping for. You're a very good teacher, and I really learned a lot!" - Annabel wanted to re-gain her cycling confidence.


Pauline, Kew, September 2012 "I really enjoy my lessons with you. Your relaxed style and professionalism has really given me great confidence really quickly" - Pauline wanted to learn to ride a bike and progress to cycling safely on roads. By May 2013, just 8 months after getting on a bike and after miles and miles of training rides, Pauline completed a very hilly 120-miles charity ride in Ibiza. An amazing achievement!  After training through the torrential rain of winter 2013/14, Pauline completed a 1-day 100-mile charity ride on 6th April 2014. We regularly rode together until Pauline moved to China in September 2015.

Advanced Road Safety & Commuting (many business clients take up this option, see below)


Jane, Teddington, April 2022: "I had a fantastic 2-hour training session with Fiona. She taught in an engaging and interesting way, highlighting aspects of cycling, such as positioning in the road, which I hadn’t ever considered. I felt my learning was reinforced through a well planned route. She also gave me confidence to tackle busy roundabouts and more complex road layouts. I went home with ideas to practice and take forward- thank you!"


Lynn, Clapham, May 2021 a returning client, "Today’s session was brilliant as, once again, I needed a professional to guide me safely around the busy streets of London and give me confidence that I don’t have to give up cycling outdoors while in the UK.  I thought the route was perfect and feel confident I can do it on my own to meet up with friends at Richmond Park.  All the tips along the way are so helpful for someone unfamiliar with UK cycling."


Emma, Tooting, June 2017 "I contacted Fiona at CycleWithMe as I wanted to cycle to work from Tooting to the Tottenham Court Road area. I felt some trepidation at the prospect and was unsure of whether I would be able to do it.  After 3 sessions with Fiona I have completed the commute there and back on my own with confidence and with a massive sense of achievement. Fiona gives very clear and practical guidance and has a calm and reassuring style of instructing.  She cycled with me on a practice attempt and this provided me with the support and encouragement I needed to get started plus some excellent information on keeping safe and following the rules of the road. I would highly recommend Fiona's service to anyone who feels a bit daunted by the prospect of cycling and needs the tools to get started"


Emma, Chiswick, April 2016 “Fiona helped me work out a good route for my new commute.  She planned the route perfectly and it felt as though she had done the journey 100 times although it was new to her!  She pointed out potential hazards, checked my cycling skills, gave me some great tips and made me feel much more confident about using the bike in London.  I would thoroughly recommend Fiona to anyone considering getting on their bike after a break or just needing some help with route planning or confidence."


Jeff, Business Client, April 2015 "Given I’ve been riding over 10 years I feel pretty comfortable on the bike, but I’ve realised I’ve picked up some bad habits along the way! Liked the general thought of “owning the road” at key times to keep yourself safe. I probably did this naturally most of the time, but then Fiona highlighted places I had never thought of like, hugging the kerb turning left and also moving out when the road narrows with furniture! Great – really useful. Thanks". The place where Jeff works organised cycle training for it's employees who want to cycle to work or who already commute. Jeff completed an advanced course based on Level 3 of the National Standards for Cycle Training.


Tom, Business Client, April 2015 "It was a really useful course and great to spend some time with somebody and who knows how to cycle properly and safely. Fiona clearly knows her stuff and is able to communicate the information really clearly. I have become more aware of my position in the road and how to tackle some of the ‘big infrastructure’ that is out there." The place where Tom works organised cycle training for it's employees who want to cycle to work or who already commute. Tom completed an advanced course based on Level 3 of the National Standards for Cycle Training.

Your BIG cycling challenge and skills training


Nkem, Kingston, October 2021: First big event, to ride London to Brighton

"I would highly recommend Fiona at ‘CycleWithMe’. She helped me train for a London to Brighton hospital Charity bike ride which I completed in September 2021. She is a wonderful and patient teacher who has a true passion for her work which shone through all my interactions with her. She was very knowledgeable, always positive and encouraging and such fun to be around. I felt very safe cycling with her on the roads as she was so experienced and very supportive.  I also got a real sense that every lesson was tailor made for me with meticulous planning of routes that allowed me to discover new beautiful villages and towns (and amazing coffee shops!) at my doorstep that I would never have noticed. My highlight was cycling to the Surrey Hills and back which was such an exhilarating experience for a relative newbie like me! She has a very wide clientele base and I’m encouraging all my non cycling friends (particularly female colleagues) to get some lessons and open up their world (and minds) to the joy of cycling! Happy to be contacted for a chat if you’re hesitant… Go for it!"


Polly, Sheen, May 2019: Using cleats with confidence

"I’m writing with a belated thank you for getting me confident in using cleats this Spring. You were really calm and reassuring, and structured in your approach. I have been happily cycling around Richmond Park nearly every week since, getting personal bests each time. Now I’m itching to get out on a longer ride ... and really enjoy the clipped in experience!"


Elizabeth, Balham, January 2019: First big event, to ride Hot Chillee's London to Paris at a specific speed arriving in Paris to meet the Tour de France 2018

"In January 2018 I made the crazy decision to take part in a group ride from London to Paris. This was no ordinary cycle ride as I was about to find out, 100 miles a day for 3 days running, at speed, is quite a challenge for a seasoned rider and I was a complete novice. This was where Fiona came in, a friend who had taken up cycling and worked with Fiona to train for Ride London, introduced me to Fiona, and I honestly could not have made it without Fiona’s training and support. Fiona had to go back to basics with me, how to use the gears, brakes, road safety, and then moving on to using cleats and optimum nutrition. Fiona is always encouraging, and makes you feel you can achieve anything, she also shuts down any negative thoughts you might have. After 7 months working with Fiona I did the ride and whilst it was incredibly tough for me I could not have been more well prepared by Fiona. Fiona’s husband also deserves a mention as he supported on some of the longer training rides, setting a pace to push my speed. I cannot recommend Fiona more highly, she is incredibly professional, goes more than the extra mile, and makes the rides great fun." Elizabeth is still cycling with me :-)


Lydia, Barnes, November 2018: Lydia's first challenge, London to Paris

"In April my ‘ big ‘children persuaded me along with some friends to embark on the London to Paris cycle with Royal British legion.  I needed a bike and HELP!
Pearsons got me the bike and suggested a tutor – Fiona.  I found Fiona incredibly thorough with regards to confidence building, safety and control of the bicycle and her routes always, well planned , so that we progressed to a level that would enable us all, to cope with the bike ride.  I would highly recommend Fiona and her cycling skills to anyone at any level! Thank you Fiona !"


Lindsay, Wimbledon, November 2018: Lindsay's first challenge riding from London to Paris

"I am writing this note to recommend Fiona Tisch to any level of cyclist. I rather madly decided in May to cycle from London to Paris with a professional ride in September 2017.  I had not sat on a bike for around 15 years… To complicate matters further I work in a reasonably senior job and so am quite time limited. Fiona trained me for the summer months with infinite patience as I was quite useless.  I made it to Paris with relative ease and certainly would not have done without Fiona’s help. I am still cycling."


Annette, Raynes Park, September 2018: Annette wanted to conquer the hills of the Prudential Ride London - Surrey 100, which she duly did.

"A huge thank you for all your coaching and support in the lead up to my first ever cycle race – The 2018 Prudential Ride 100.  I came to see Fiona to help improve my cycling which after even the first lesson was hugely improved but it was my confidence on the bike that took a huge step up – I felt like a cyclist not a runner who cycles.  On Race day, even though the weather was terrible I approached the whole race with a confidence that I knew I could finish it.  My main weakness was going downhill – I pumped away at the up hills but going down terrified me and I was “heavy” on the brakes.  After doing the Prudential Route a few times with Fiona I really felt like I knew those hills and started to approach them differently and even took my hands off the brakes at times!  She was also a great source of advice on what to eat and when and how to plan for a long ride – those tips made a huge difference.  If you are looking to improve your cycling and build road confidence,  I cannot recommend Fiona enough, she is an extremely confident and patient instructor you can really feel her commitment to help you improve.  I can’t thank her enough for all she has taught me and if I was to take on another cycle challenge I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again."


Roddy, Barnes, September 2018: Roddy came to me improve his technique whilst training for his first Iron Man competition

"Fiona was fantastic in providing an extensive training programme up to my 90km cycle in my half Ironman! I would recommend her to anyone, especially training for long rides and Road safety awareness."


Angus, Barnes, September 2018: Angus's first challenge, London to Paris

"As someone with little to no cycling experience, signing up to cycle from London to Paris was a daunting task, Fiona helped me to gain the confidence in my bike and navigating road traffic wonderfully and I would recommend her to any novice"


Cath, Fulham, September 2018: Cath wanted to improve her bike handling skills for her first triathlon

"Cycling is something I always thought 'would be good for me' so 3 1/2 years ago my husband bought me a hybrid (road/mountain) bike for Christmas.  Having been hit by a car cycling when I was 19, this lovely machine sat in our side passage collecting dust or being ridden by my teenaged sons.  In May I committed to change this and I decided to enter my first triathlon, aged 48! Also, I needed to get fitter and lose some weight.  Gentle laps of Richmond Park (at obscure times when all those men in lycra were else where!) slowly built my confidence and bike handling skills.  However, before the big day when I knew I would be faced with hundreds of cyclists and little idea how to ride with them, I booked a session with Fiona.  We spent a fabulous 2 hours building my skills and confidence - techniques for hills (up and down!), gear changing, corners, and generally having someone around you.  Not only would I recommend Fiona for  her knowledge of all things cycling, but as a lovely companion for your journey into cycling."


Michael, Barnes, August 2018: Michael asked for technique and pacing advice ahead of his first Prudential London-Surrey 100

"Fiona thanks for all your help you got me over those Surrey Hills."


Anita, Ealing, July 2017: Anita aimed for the top, literally, the top of the Tour de France's famous Mt Ventoux!
"I was bought a beautiful, road bike for Christmas which sat unused for 3 months.  In order to get cycling I set myself the challenge of riding up Mount Ventoux!  With very little previous road cycling experience I needed help.  Luckily Pearsons Cycles in Sheen recommended Fiona to me.
Fiona is an excellent cycle trainer.  Right from the start she listened to my goals and organised my training accordingly.  From ensuring that I was road aware and cycling safely to developing my technique I felt that I was in a competent and safe pair of hands.  Starting with shorter, relatively flat routes Fiona tailored each subsequent ride to increase my stamina and improve my hill riding ability.  Each session was really well organized allowing me to totally concentrate on my riding whilst also taking in the spectacular views of the Surrey Hills!
However the best thing about my training is that Fiona’s love and enthusiasm for cycling is infectious.  She is great fun to cycle with and I would recommend her to others whatever their level and previous experience.  She will definitely help you to improve.
So did I get up Mount Ventoux?  With all my superb training, you bet I did!"


Neil, Kew, July 2017: Neil decided to cycle from Land's End to John o' Groats and wanted guidance on road safety and managing his effort

"Thank you for helping me prepare for the LEJOG ride. All the advice about road sense, gearing and heart rate really helped. We had no near misses, and I managed to keep my heart rate on track. I think without that I would have really struggled. It's great to have finished."


Michelle, St Margarets, May 2017: Michelle had a challenge which she was determined to succeed at, Ride the Night!
"Fiona was very kindly recommended to me by another cycling instructor as someone experienced in road cycling and endurance training and she has just been amazing! Fiona has trained me intensively for the last two weeks taking me from a very poor wobbly novice to being able to cycle 105kms in a charity bike ride last Saturday night! Can't recommend her more highly, she is professional, patient, personable and passionate about cycling!" Michelle still rides with me on a weekly basis for 3 hours.


Andrew, Manchester, May 2017: Andrew wanted to improve his hill work and whilst visiting a bike shop local to CycleWithMe he got a recommendation to do cycle training with CycleWithMe so he booked a session during his next visit to London.
"Thank you for a great 2 hour training ride. It proves it's never to late to learn. You've helped with my road awareness so made me a safer rider. What I will cherish the most is my new understanding of cadence, the magic number 90 and how to use my gears to stay in the zone. If that does not help me take on hills nothing will."


Nathalie, Notting Hill, May 2017: Nathalie decided to ride the Cape Town Cycle Tour in March 2017 a 109km ride along beautiful coast roads.
"I had just gotten a new road bike (not knowing much about gears or clip on shoes!) and signed up for the Cape Town Cycle Tour when Pearsons recommended Fiona.
We trained through wet and cold during the winter months to get me ready - Fiona had invaluable advise in terms of putting together a suitable training programme and building strength, confidence and road safety. I went from finding laps in Richmond Park challenging to now aiming for some Triathlon training! We recently also rode the London to Brighton sportif together - having Fiona as your cycle trainer is brilliant!"


Jonathan, Barnes, January 2016: Jonathan wanted to become a more efficient cyclist so he booked a bespoke training session.
"I've been cycling for years, even commuting into central London, so no real issues with confidence. But I knew little about the mechanics of cycling: optimal gears, etc.  The session with Fiona was really useful. She opened my eyes to the failings of a number of ingrained habits such as positioning when turning and the importance of asserting yourself. She also took me through cycling basics explaining things with clarity and logic. I feel I'm a more efficient biker now. Fiona has the perfect relaxed manner for a teacher. I will return."


Ellen, Chelsea, November 2015: Ellen and her girlfriends decided to cycle San Francisco to LA so we started by buying a bike. Ellen also trained with me for the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour.
"Together with 7 friends I have just finished a 525 mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Having taken on the challenge spontaneously, without any previous cycling experience or endurance fitness, I panicked when I realised what was involved in being able to complete such a ride. Luckily I was introduced to Fiona who took me under her wing and taught me everything I needed to know and helped achieve the fitness needed to be able to finish, without injuries or total collapse. She was a hero, cycling behind me for months on end, starting at 20 miles and getting me up to 80 miles, always in a good mood, with me feeling safe and knowing I was in excellent hands.  From training schedules for when I was away over the summer, to what to eat, how often and how much, nothing was too much trouble. I couldn’t recommend Fiona higher and wouldn’t have been able to do this life changing challenge without her."


George, Guildford, September 2015: 10 days before his adventure started.. London to Rome.
"3 months ago I was in a bit of a sticky situation. To elaborate I had rather stupidly agreed with my friend Jack that we would take 3 weeks out of our summer to cycle from London to Rome in aid of help for heroes, averaging 120km a day. It was 10 days before we were due to leave and not only had I not yet bought any of my kit, I didn't even have a bike. To make matters worse I barely even knew how to ride a bike! With no previous road experience I was clearly an accident to happen.
However fortunately help was at hand and I was able to book a session with Fiona through a family friend. Within 3 hours she took me from not even being able to get into the saddle to safely navigating my way through all sorts of problems, ranging from T-junctions and roundabouts to hills and country lanes over a 40km route. She gave me an extremely comprehensive briefing on the hazards of the road and how to avoid them, taught me to effectively use my gears and even stayed around after the session to help me select a decent bike and write a proper kit list.
Miraculously Jack and I did complete our challenge but I think it's probably fair to say that without Fiona I probably would have accidently bought a penny farthing and wouldn't have even made it out of the house, let alone to Italy! As such I would absolutely recommend Fiona as an instructor. Whether starting from scratch or looking to develop their abilities she's great fun and will probably give you a run for your money on a hill sprint!"


Mary-Anne, Fulham, August 2015: Mary-Anne ran a marathon in 2014 so for 2015 she set her sights on the 100 mile Prudential London-Surrey and completed it in 7'10".
"Thank you for training me so efficiently for the Prudential Ride London 100 event on 'Dream Machine' [MA's bike]. Your knowledge of the route prepared me very well for the physical challenge and your encouragement to push to one side those worries, which present at the start of any personal challenge, gave me the determination to complete my first century ride within the time limits. The 'pedal, pedal, pedal' mantra and your forceful persuasion (at times) to 'let go of the brakes!' set me in good stead for the rolling Surrey hills. Your training has made me a safer cyclist and inspired me to enjoy cycling as an alternative form of exercise. I wish you and your business all the best going forward."


Mike, Earls Court, July 2015: Mike's first challenge was cleats and once he became addicted to cycling he set himself the challenge of riding the 100 mile Prudential London-Surrey in 2015 which he completed in 6'22"
"I ran into Fiona by pure chance in Richmond Park last summer right after I purchased my first road bike and was trying not to kill myself using clip less pedals for the first time! A session with Fiona gave me the confidence to cycle with the clip less pedals ensuring that I could make emergency stops and get out of the cleats in a timely and safe manner. Fiona also gave me some great hints on safety and owning the road especially on making right handed and left handed turns.
When I decided to ride the Prudential London 100 on the 2nd of August, 2015, I again turned to Fiona for coaching and advice. Fiona has an amazing knowledge of the London 100 course and she was able to tailor individual rides to suit my time schedule and fitness level. She helped me more efficiently handle my gear changes and manage a steady cadence. She also gave me great advice on nutrition and how to prepare mentally and physically for a 100 mile ride. Probably the best thing Fiona taught was when she took me out on the challenging Leith Hill and Box Hill where she coached me to ride, not aggressively by attacking the hills, but to start slowly and build a steady tempo. This resulted in being able to crest the hills feeling fresh and having the legs to cycle the rest of the course.
I highly recommend Fiona's coaching to anyone contemplating a long and challenging sportive. She has done wonders for both my confidence levels and cycling ability." Mike completed the 2015 Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 mile ride in 6'22".


Charles, Kew, September 2014: Charles's challenge was London-Paris for MacMillan in 2014
"After a break of 20 years, I decided to kick start my cycling again by signing up for a London to Paris ride. I'd done a lot of cycling, but never in London, and thought I was reasonably confident about what I was doing... my first outing with Fiona was a real eye opener, and really changed the way I thought about my riding - starting out with learning to do emergency stops in cleats, positioning at junctions, thinking and planning ahead, being aware and alert to potential dangers, making other road users aware of where you going, taking control of the road where appropriate. Basically everything you need to ride as safely as possible, all delivered in a very clear way, with pointers and assurance to build confidence along the way
Now I was safe on the road, I needed practice and help with my training. Fiona was fantastic in planning suitable routes to help build base fitness, and then more challenging routes out in the Surrey hills, all with tips and advice along the way on cadence, riding style, handy things to take, staying hydrated and of course, the fantastic flapjacks! Fiona was always very supportive, encouraging and willing to help with whatever goals I was aiming for. In short, a massive thanks for all of Fiona's hard work, dedication and enthusiasm, I learned how to ride safely and I made it to the Eiffel Tower!"


Rosemary, Dorking, August 2014: Rosemary challenged herself to do the Prudential London-Surrey 100 mile ride in 2014 and did it again in 2015.
"What a transformation Fiona made to my cycling! I had a place on the Prudential 100 cycle ride, a shiny new road bike, I had recently retired and was getting out cycling 4 times a week, but I am in my mid 60s and I had serious concerns whether I was making enough progress to be able to cycle the 100 miles on the day. Was I and would I be up to it? A 1961 Cycling Proficiency Certificate, and practically no cycling in the 50 years between, hardly equipped me for current road conditions or cycling 100 miles in one go. How could I become more efficient as a cyclist and cycle faster? Fiona really sorted me out! She tackled my use of the gears, dealt with ascents and descents, cornering, and long distance cycling skills such as eating and drinking on the go which all steadily took the angst out of my preparation for the ride. Fiona took me on some wonderful scenic and confidence building rides gradually increasing the miles including 50 miles from Richmond to Windsor and back and finally, just under 3 weeks before the Prudential, a 75 mile circuit from near Chiswick Bridge down through the Surrey Hills following the Prudential route as closely as possible. From then on I knew I could do it, and I had no more dark thoughts that the Prudential 100 was really too much of a challenge for me. I was so looking forward to the day. As it happens, on the day the weather was atrocious with rain, wind and standing water, but I got round in a creditable 6 hours 39 minutes, slightly less, I am proud to say, than my rather younger next door neighbours. I highly recommend Fiona to anyone who wants to improve their cycling. She took me on as a novice and moved my cycling forward significantly and gave me the confidence that the Prudential 100 was well within my capacity. Fiona is such a knowledgeable and encouraging trainer. The Prudential 100 was an exhilarating experience and it was made so much more enjoyable and comfortable by Fiona's skilful training."


Nicola, Richmond, August 2014: Nicola challenged herself to ride a huge charity ride taking in parts of England and France.
"I had the fortune and pleasure of first meeting Fiona at Pearson's bike shop in Sheen when I was in there having my new road bike looked over. I feel compelled to sing Fiona’s praises for she is a wonderful instructor who provides the perfect balance of encouragement and challenge. I had several sessions with her in March and April while in training for a challenging charity cycle. In this time both my ability and confidence grew exponentially. I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone who is looking to prepare for a charity ride and wants to make the experience both rewarding and enjoyable. With her super friendly disposition she is certainly a great choice"


Mark, Holland Park, March 2014: Two challenges for Mark, the second fuelled by the cycling addiction caused by the first. After 2 months of training, Mark completed the 110km (68miles) Cape Argus ride in Cape Town, South Africa on 9th March 2014. Mark continued to train with me leading up to Prudential's 100-mile Ride London-Surrey on 10th August 2014 which he completed in 5'03".
"If you wake up remembering that under the influence of one or two glasses too many you have committed to cycle a 110km race around Cape Town or perhaps a 100 mile race around London – and you have never actually been on a road bike before let alone participated in a timed race – then the solution to your problem is Fiona. From initial sessions demystifying the use of cleats to your final training session, by which time you will be flying across the Surrey Hills with relative ease, Fiona is a source of constant inspiration and encouragement. I cannot recommend her more highly if you want a no-nonsense practical approach to getting prepared for whatever your big day may be."


Debra, Carshalton, October 2013: Debra wanted to use cleats and corner more effectively.
"Thanks again for the two sessions we did. As you know, it was my lack of confidence with releasing cleats quickly and cornering smoothly that made me get in touch with you. I found the sessions really useful as you explained things clearly and did plenty of demos to show me how it is done. The drills you devised were very effective for reinforcing the message and I thought you were very patient with me! I would highly recommend someone seeing you to cover off any basics as well as more advanced techniques to improve their skill and confidence."


Simmi, Brentford, July 2013: Simmi wanted to learn to use cleats.
"I have been cycling all my life and only really taken it to the next level in the last year. After convincing myself last year that I need to transition to cleats to make my cycling more efficient, I had a fall and was put off the idea
I was so glad then to see Fiona's business card at my physio's - I thought someone like Fiona would be just what I needed to boost my confidence and to give me some tips on how it really should be done! I had a 90min lesson with Fiona in a local park and I was cycling comfortably, clipping in and out of my cleats by the end of the lesson. I went on to ride an organised event the same week and I would not have had the confidence to do this without my lesson with Fiona
Fiona gave me great tips, improved my safety skills and was a joy to learn from. She is not only great at what she does, she is also extremely patient and delightfully pleasant. I would recommend her to anyone who'd like to learn some new cycling skills to take them to the next level in cycling."

Schools, Businesses & Cycling Clubs




Sarah's son, Barnes, September 2022 "Wanted to drop you a quick note to say we went out on the bikes with XX today and he wowed us with his newly acquired cycling proficiency knowledge! Seriously impressed and thank you so much for all of your efforts, especially given the dreadful weather on Friday! Fantastic course and we are very grateful. Many thanks again"


Zack (11), Kew, March 2015 "It was fun and enjoyable and not at all boring. I learnt a lot of new things and was able to master them quite quickly." Zack participated in cycle training organised through his school.


The Harrodian School, Barnes, October 2013 “I would like to thank Fiona at CycleWithMe for the excellent cycle training course she delivered for Harrodian year 6 students (“10s”). The training consisted of 5 sessions aimed at teaching the kids how to cycle confidently and safely on the road. Fiona, assisted by Shelia, went through demonstrations and drills, starting in the playground and then moving to the roads where manoeuvres were practised in the presence of traffic. They did a fantastic job of explaining things to the students, and impressing on them the importance of cycle safety, a skill that they can benefit from the whole of their lives. They kept the students engaged with lots of discussions and questions. The drills were very effective and the students found them fun. Once they got onto the road – for the first time for several of them – Fiona and Sheila kept the kids under tight control to ensure everything went safely and smoothly. Overall, I have to say that the training ticked all the boxes in terms of information content, interest, safety and fun and we are looking forward to next year when CycleWithMe will be back for the next group of 10s.” CycleWithMe is still working with Harrodian in 2022




Michael, Business Client, November  2018 "Thanks for the brilliant lesson last week.  What a huge difference 2 hours with you can make!  I feel much more confident about my riding skills, way more aware of my surroundings and road positioning, and more ready than ever to tackle my daily commute to work.  I would recommend this course to anyone who rides the streets of London on a regular basis.  Keep up the good work!" Michael completed the advanced course based on Level 3 of the National Standards for Cycle Training.


Laura, Business Client, Sept 2017 "Thank you! It was a great session and I’ve already seen a huge difference in my cycling since Friday! I’m so much more confident and comfortable on my bike and am enjoying my commutes more and more. It’s such a valuable session and your patience and clarity really made it informative and enjoyable so thank you. I’ve already recommended it to friends and family!!" Laura completed the advanced course based on Level 3 of the National Standards for Cycle Training


Kris, Business Client, Sept 2017 "I would like to say a massive thank you for the solo advanced road safety training session we had :). The information I received that day has helped cement my confidence on the road. I'll be forever making sure that nobody is in the driving seat of a parked car waiting to pull off straight over me, and my signalling is now always firmly at 90 degrees ;). It was not only useful to make sure that I stayed on the road for many years to come but some tips given along the way have really helped my riding style, particularly the adoption of a higher cadence. A massive thank you again and happy cycling."  Kris completed the advanced course based on Level 3 of the National Standards for Cycle Training.


Amy, Business Client, August 2017 "Thank you Fiona for a very informative couple of sessions, your delivery was fantastic and I now have a lot more confidence to cycle on roads. It was particularly helpful to have clear direction as to how to circumnavigate those tricky roundabouts! I felt extremely safe and well looked after under your guidance. A great teaching style, very friendly and approachable, and I always felt I could ask the ‘silly’ questions I always wanted to ask, which were answered with the utmost professionalism. Highly recommended." Amy completed a basic road safety course based on Level 2 of the National Standards for Cycle Training.


Folusho, Business Client, August 2017 "At 26 I definitely thought it was too late for me to learn how to ride a bike. But training with Fiona has changed all that – I’m pleased to say that I can now ride unaided and that’s all down to Fiona’s patience and great training skills. I would definitely recommend Fiona to adult learners and I’m looking forward to developing my cycling skills." The company where Folusho works paid for her to learn how to ride a bike.


Charlotte, Business Client, August 2017 "Having recently moved house I wanted to learn how to safely cycle to work on the busy roads. Fiona is extremely knowledgeable and I really benefitted from listening to all of her top tips. I also gained confidence in myself to ‘own my lane’ and signal effectively. I would recommend Fiona to cyclists at all levels and her training is a must if you have never cycled on roads before." Charlotte completed a basic road safety course based on Level 2 of the National Standards for Cycle Training.


Daniela, Business Client, August 2017 "Thank you very much for your cycling training. You are very passionate for cycling and also very professional. When I cycled with you I felt very confident (and it was the first time cycling on a road).  I hope I can keep the level of confidence and improve following your advices. Grazie! ?" Daniela completed a basic road safety course based on Level 2 of the National Standards for Cycle Training.


Caroline, Business Client, May 2016 "Thank you so much for a great morning today! Ready and raring for some fab practise rides. No more jelly legs and lightning speed in the traffic as you've given me the confidence to own the road and be aware. Even if it is called the lifesaver look!"


Tim, Business Client, April 2015 "Even though I’ve been cycle commuting for more than 10 years I found Fiona’s advanced session very useful. I learnt some new things that will undoubtedly help keep me safer on the roads – things like road positioning when turning right and left and when and how to use the concept of taking control of the road (and giving it back again when the hazard/danger has passed). Fiona’s an excellent teacher who explains things clearly and logically – thank you Fiona for helping keep me safe!" Tim asked CycleWithMe to train employees who wanted to cycle to work on how to cycle safely on the road and to train advanced road safety techniques to existing cycle commuters. Tim completed the advanced course based on Level 3 of the National Standards for Cycle Training.


James, Business Client, May 2015 "Thank you for your time yesterday.  I found it really useful and my confidence and therefore safety on the road is much enhanced. My biggest learning was road positioning to ensure my safety. Whereas before I would position myself on the road so as to cause least inconvenience to drivers I now understand that employing such a tactic means that I am less protected." The place where James works organised cycle training for it's employees who want to cycle to work or who already commute. James completed a basic road safety course based on Level 2 of the National Standards for Cycle Training.


Cycling Clubs


The Bicycle Moaning Collective, April 2016, Ride Leader training "Thanks for running the course it was really useful."


Pearson Cycling Club, March 2015, Ride Captain Training "...the training was very well presented and informative ... we will discuss the potential for training further members at a later date." The club followed up with more training in 2016 and 2018.

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